About us

A Team of
Passionate Interior
SplendFy is an American company that arose from the union of two friends passionate about visual art and interior design who decided to reunite and converge their specialized skills in photography and graphic design to not only build an art company, but to offer customers a new experience. Helping them to bring to their homes or businesses the best quality in Wall Art Glass Print in photos and graphic art works that will take your breath away.
Have no fear of perfection - you’ll never reach it. Salvador Dali.
This is the way we work and what we believe. We know that it is impossible to reach perfection, but we continue to search for it day after day.
Our Design Process
What we do best is listening to our customers, analyzing trends in fashion, colors, and techniques. And through a highly creative and totally critical process, we define new pieces, new arts and start doing what we are most satisfied with: making art!
Projects Delivered Successfully
We are proud to have a select list of clients of the highest level, satisfied with our creation and with the quality of the printing and mounting of our work in Wall Decoration Glass Printing.