The Wall Street Bull is an iconic bronze statue located in the heart of New York City's financial district. This impressive sculpture, depicting a wild bull in a charging position, has become a powerful symbol of financial prosperity and economic strength.

The Birth of the Sculpture

The history of "The Wall Street Bull" dates back to the late 1980s during a period of exuberance in the financial market. In 1987, the United States stock market experienced a remarkable high, known as "Black Monday" or the "1987 Crash." 

In this context, sculptor Arturo Di Modica conceived the idea of a statue that would symbolize the market's resilience after the financial turbulence.


Creation and Message

Arturo Di Modica worked diligently to create the 3.4-meter-tall, 4.5-ton bronze sculpture. The artwork was completed in December 1989 and was secretly placed in front of the New York Stock Exchange in the early hours of December 15th of the same year.

The Wall Street Bull portrays a powerful and aggressive bull, with its head lowered and horns pointing upward, symbolizing an upward movement and the strength of the bull market. The statue was a representation of optimism and confidence in the future of the financial market.


The Wall Street Bull as a Tourist Attraction

Over time, The Wall Street Bull has become an icon of New York City's financial district and a must-see tourist attraction. Millions of people visit the statue annually to take photos, touch the bull's horns for good luck, and absorb the energy and history behind this famous sculpture.

It is no surprise that The Wall Street Bull is on the travel itinerary of many people. The statue, in addition to its beauty, is believed to offer prosperity to those who touch it.

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